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Space-saving, high current 20-80 A SMT automotive power inductor is AEC-Q200 Compliant

Date: 06/09/2022
If you are looking for a power inductor in the current range of 20 to 80 A for your automotive electronic control unit, than this new surface mount space-saving inductor from Panasonic can be a good option to try.

AEC-Q200 Compliant ETQ-PAMR33JFW surface mount power inductor is small in size measuring Width 15.6 mm x Depth 17.2 mm x Height 10.5 mm, so it occupy less space on the board of your ECU.

While handling high current, ETQ-PAMR33JFW features high heat resistance, and vibration resistance. ETQ-PAMR33JFW is designed to improve reliability of automotive power circuits, where it is suggested as ideal component for removing noise from motor drive circuits. The ETQ-PAMR33JFW Power inductor provides high heat resistance of 160C/2000 hours and vibration resistance of 5 Hz to 2 kHz/30 G making it compatible with mechatronics, says Panasonic.

Other key specifications and features of ETQ-PAMR33JFW Power Inductor includes:

Heat Resistance: 160C/2000 hours
Vibration Resistance: 5 Hz to 2 kHz/30 G
SMD Type with Shielded Construction
Low DCR and High Reliability Due to Coil Lead Direct Output Structure
Achieves High Heat Dissipation by an Integrated Structure with a Unique Low-loss Metallic Magnetic Material
RoHS Compliant