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Mitsubishi to ship samples of tunable laser-diode chip for 400Gbps optical n/ws

Date: 06/09/2022
Mitsubishi to start sample shipment of its new tunable laser-diode chip for use in optical transceivers of optical-fiber communication systems on October 1. The new chip supports optical fibre communication networks moving from transmission speeds of 100Gbps to 400Gbps by using digital coherent communication systems.

The new laser diode chip generates 1.55Ám light wavelength that is used for digital coherent communication supporting wide range of wavelengths in compliance with 400Gbps optical-transceiver standard (OIF-400ZR-01.0). This device in the form of chip helps manufacturers to optimize package designs for specific optical transceivers.

Mitsubishi electric has pioneered a type of semiconductor production technology for making these special laser devices. Mitsubishi has already used this tech to manufacture distributed-feedback (DFB) laser in mobile base stations and electro-absorption modulator integrated laser diode (EML) in datacenters.