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C&K offering its AYZ, PCM & JS slide switches with goldplated contacts

Date: 06/09/2022
Electromechanical swith maker C&K has added new gold-plated version to its family of slide switches. Goldplating option is available in its family of miniature AYZ Series, sub-miniature JS Series and sub-miniature surface mount PCM Series slide switches.

Gold plating provides improved switch performance and also environmentally more withstanding when they are exposed to damp/moisturized air or sulfide containing environments. Gold plating also prevents electrical short circuits due to the age of plating with dendrite growth caused by silver migration.

AYZ, PCM & JS series are available both in silver or gold plating contact option. These switches are suggested for use in high or ultra-low current applications such as home fire alarm systems to industrial power management systems. C&K says its slide switches are versatile and can be customized to application requirements.

“We have received numerous customer requests for gold plated versions of our most popular slide series to meet harsh or corrosive environment requirements,” said Cathy Zhao, Global Product Manager at C&K. “By offering a gold plated version, we can support more products across markets and satisfy market needs for switches that can operate in harsh environments reliably.”