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Industrial grade aluminium electrolytic capacitors for long-lasting high-rel electronics systems

Date: 04/09/2022
When you design an electronic system for industrial application, you expect it to last as long as it can. As the equipment and the circuit board ages and starts failing in operation without any abnormal condition, the most suspected failed electronic component in the board is aluminium electrolytic capacitor. For designing high reliable long-lasting electronic equipments, you need to be careful in selecting good-quality electrolytic capacitor.

Some of the the factors affecting reliability and durability of capacitors include quality and dielectric used, and the structural stability and the properties of other any materials used in capacitors. When you use capacitors in functional safety systems where failure of component strictly not acceptable, engineers have to look for detailed specifications of capacitors before selecting them.

Panasonic has made available a new EEF-KX Series family of surface mount speciality conductive polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitors designed to deliver endurance of 5500 hours at 125C, making these capacitors highly suggestable for equipments and devices which need to last long.

EEF-KX Series uses a proprietary conductive polymer formation and a manufacturing process technology to ensure long endurance of these charge storing devices. Featuring a very low ESR of 9 milli-ohms they are durable under high temperature and high humidity conditions of 1,000 hours at 85C/85% in a damp-heat steady state.

EEF-KX Series designed to work under or industrial applications also save space where the device height is only 1.9 mm.

Brief specifications and benefits of EEF-KX Series includes:
Ultra-Low ESR: 9 m? Max.
Capacitance Range: 220 F to 470 F Max.
High Temperature / Long Life: 5500 Hours at 125C
Ripple Current Range: 6300 mAr.m.s
Product Height: 1.9mm Max.
Operating Temperature Range: -55 C to +125 C
RoHS / REACH Compliant
Halogen Free