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Date: 14/08/2022

Make in India Electronic Component: Automotive-grade power resistor as current sensor

Nagpur, India based Hi Tech Resistors Private Limited is an IATF 16949:2016 Certified Company who is into manufacturing of various resistors and custom passive components.

One of the featured product of Hi Tech Resistors is AEC-Q200 automotive qualified low ohmic, Open frame electron beam, welded punched out type, power resistors for current sensing applications in automotive electronics applications. These power resistors rated to withstand up to 7 Watts of power at 100 degree centigrade temperature. The other features include 4 terminal connections for exceptionally accurate measurement and excellent long term stability due to nature of construction. They are designed to operate in the temperature range of -65 C to +170 C

The application suggested include Current sensor for power hybrid applications, Automotive applications that require high current capability, Frequency convertors and Power modules.

To know details specifications you can find the datasheet at: