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Make in India semiconductor device: Automotive grade TVS to protect data lines

Date: 14/08/2022
On entering 75th year of Independence Day celeberations, We provide you few selected high-rel semiconductor components from India based Electronics component manufacturers:

Continental Device India is the lone India based discrete semiconductor manufacturer producing worldclass devices. We have selected CDIL's surface mount transient voltage suppressor device to highlight in this short article.

The RoHS compliant, and AEC-Q101 compliant TVS device SMCJXX handles peak power dissipation of 1500 Watts. SMCJXX can handle peak forward surge currents up to 200 A. Suggested for ESD and EFT protection of data lines, this device features typical IR less than 1uA when VBR min above 12V and a fast response time of less than 1 ns. SMCJXX can operate in the temperature range of -55 to +150C.

Get to know more details of this product and download the datasheet at: https://www.cdil.com/tvs/15smcj50-15smcj440ca?rq=SMCJXX

CDIL manufactures discrete devices such as rectifiers, diodes, transistors, power transistors, Triacs and SCRs, power supply regulators and MOSFETs. CDIL also makes integrated circuits chips such as DC DC converters, BLDC driver, USB charger controller, LED drivers, PWM controllers and such power and analog Ics.