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Ultralow current tiny electromechanical switch for medical and IOT devices

Date: 12/08/2022
Hi-Rel electromechanical switch maker C&K has added new ultralow current variant to its 'detect' product family of switches. This new switch called SDS reduces power consumption on battery powered devices.

SDS series is available in contact arrangements of normally open, normally close, silver and gold plating for better resistance of the corrosion. The ultra-low current rated 10µA@1.8VDC designed for applications such as medical & IoT devices, smart metering, smoke detector and Networking.

C&K has tested this switch for low power consumption in battery powered applications like medical and IoT devices. Both the features of ultra-low profile and low battery consumption makes this SDS a good choice for handheld devices.

SDS offers overtravel plunger actuator allowing 2mm of overtravel. “With the growing production of devices using battery power, we have developed an ultra-low current switch to fit market needs” explained Cedric Garropin, Product Manager at C&K. “By reducing necessary current to operate this switch, battery consumption triggered by an actuation is heavily reduced compared to other switches.”

The Other key features of SDS Series detect switches include SPST design, 50,000 on/off cycles, 75gf actuation force, right angle termination and low 2mm PCB-mounted profile occupying less space on PCB.

For more detailed specifications of C&K’s new SDS series detect switches visit: