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Date: 26/07/2022

Triad Satellite RF electronic products for LEOs lasted over 16 years

Triad RF Systems has announced that due to their long experience in the CubeSat market, its products traveling in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for more than 16 years of combined operating time.

Triad said it offers an array of products that are customized for use within space and compatible with both off-the-shelf and customer-designed Software Defined Radios. Their RF amplifiers operate in a variety of bands, from UHF-Band to Ka-Band. Triad also produces Up and Down-converters and creates full duplex Tx/Rx assemblies used in FDD radio systems.

"These products have been used by various NewSpace companies, including In-Space Missions Limited (BAE Systems) among other industry players. Triad RF subsystems were launched on three different SpaceX Rideshare missions within a year: the Falcon 9 Transporter-2 in 2021 and the Transporter-4 and Transporter-5 in 2022, respectively. Over the last five years, Triad built and delivered over 400 CubeSat amplifier and frequency converter products to support critical communications links on customer satellites.", stated in the release by the company.