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Vincotech new booster for solar inverters feature low inductance

Date: 21/07/2022
Solar Power boosters help flow of electrons efficiently in solar PV cells preventing excess heat, due to which overall solar PV system output increase up to 45%. Solar PV power module maker Vincotech has made available its new flowBOOST dual and triple boosters for 1500 V solar PV inverters.

These compact modules are made out of both Silicon (IGBT) and silicon carbide power switching devices. flowBOOST symmetric and flying capacitor boosters are optimized for cost and performance are available in low inductance flow 1, flow 2 and flow S3 housings and for 1500 V solar inverters.

The other specifications of this family of boosters include:
Up to 40 kW per leg
Optional bypass and auxiliary diodes
Solder or Press-fit pins and pre-applied TIM to help reduce production cost