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Top-4 TVS diodes for high-speed signal line protection

Date: 01/06/2022
In this electromagnetically polluted world, you can find lot of high decibel electrical noise over copper and wide spread electromagnetic noise in the air. In some places of world, voltage levels of public utility electric power is not stable and prone to high voltage swings. The nature also plays its role in creating voltage surges and electromagnetic interference during lightning and other hapazards.

Similar to how we people get protected against extreme weather conditions by special clothing and other means, electronics circuit systems need to be clothed/protected against voltage surges and transients. In this article we provide you four latest and the best transient voltage suppression devices recently released in the market for signal/data lines. In this period of semiconductor supply chain issue of shortage of key semiconductor devices and increase in lead time, it is better to keep a list of not only pin to pin alternates but also functionally equivalent devices. The below four devices are functionally equivalent to some degree.

1. DF2B6M4BSL TVS diode from Toshiba

DF2B6M4BSL is a TVS diode to protect semiconductors connected to signal lines and wireless antennas. With a low capacitance of 0.12 pF, DF2B6M4BSL is suitable for 5.0V signal lines and offers low harmonic distortion. This device is suggested for smart phones, wearables, IoT systems. Wired interfaces such as DisplayPort Interface, USB, HDMI and PCI Express can use this device for protection against ESD. Featuring fast response in suppressing high voltage spikes, this TVS diode is suitable for ESD protection of high-frequency antennas. The package measures 0.62 mm 0.32 mm in footprint, making it a suitable device for wearables.

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2. AOZ8S204BL2 and AOZ8S205BL2 a 2-in-1 transient voltage suppressor (TVS) from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor.

The new TVS diodes AOZ8S204BL2 with ultra-low capacitance of 0.15pF and AOZ8S205BL2 with ultra-low capacitance of 0.075pF does match in performance an suitability to the above Toshiba's TVS diode. These TVS diodes are suggested for signal lines such as Thunderbolt4.0, USB Type-C and HDMI interface in notebook computers and desktop computers and gaming consoles as well as high-resolution Smart TVs.
Both AOZ8S204BL2 and AOZ8S205BL2 feature low clamping voltage and faster response during their electrostatic discharge event and protect the SOC chips and semiconductors from ESD.

The physical size of these surfacemount devices is 0.63x0.33mm.

To learn more about these two products visit: https://investor.aosmd.com/press-releases/press-release-details/2022/Alpha-and-Omega-Semiconductor-Announces-2-in-1-Super-Low-Capacitance-TVS-for-USB4.0--Thunderbolt-4.0--HDMI2.1-Protection/default.aspx

3. ModelCD0201 from Bourns:
This most latest of all these four is a bidirectional 2 V TVS diode with the low capacitance of less than 0.2 pF. Just like the other in the list, this device protects ultra-high-speed data interface lines such as USB4, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, and 10 Gb ethernet in personal computers such as notebook, desktop, televisions, and IoT systems. The physical size of this device measures 0.6 mm by 0.3 mm x 0.3 mm. CD0201-T2.0LC with ESD protection of 15 kV (air) and 12 kV (contact) per IEC 61000-4-2 deliver surge clamping capability: 4 V @ 7 A, designed to protect ultra-high speed data lines. Where as CD0201-T2.0LC with maximum working peak reverse voltage of 20V and a junction capacitance of 6.5 pF can do the ESD protection for smart phones, and other portable electronic applications.

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4. ULC series from TDK

This TVS diode from TDK features low capacitance and ultralow clamping. But ULC series are designed to work up to a maximum operating voltage of 3.3 V. There are two subcategories in this series, the SD01005SL-ULC101 (B74111U0033M060) type has a minimum capacitance of 0.5 Pf and the SD0201SL-ULC101 (B74121U0033M060) type of 0.6 Pf. ULC feature very low, clamping voltage of 3.8 V at peak pulse current of 8A. They also deliver short response time, and extremely low leakage current. Available in wafer scale package of dimensions 400 x 200 m (WL-CSP01005) or 600 x 300 m (WL-CSP0201) with a height of 100 m in the 01005 size or 150 m in the 0201 size. Suggested applications include protecting high-speed signals/data lines such as USB 3.1, USB 3.2, HDMI, FireWire and Thunderbolt, in end equipments such as smartphones, notebook computers, tablet computer, wearables, and smart IOT devices.

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