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PCIe 3.0 packet switch IC support 32 lanes of SERDES

Date: 01/06/2022
To give advantage to systems handling AI/deep learning workloads, the new PCIe 3.0 packet switch IC I7C9X3G1632GP from Diodes deliver flexible multi-port and lane width configuration. This device can be used in data storage equipment, servers in data centers, wireless/wireline telecommunications infrastructure, and various forms of modern embedded hardware.

PI7C9X3G1632GP feature 2 tiles that further feature 8 ports and 16 lanes to support 32 lanes of SERDES in configuration options that span from 2 ports all the way up to 16 ports. Each tile can be configured to have different port types such as upstream port and downstream ports to support various port configurations for fan-out application in single switch or dual-switch partition modes.

PI7C9X3G1632GP supports data communication between the host/hosts and connected endpoints through its multiple DMA channels. PI7C9X3G1632GP feature low packet forwarding latency of less than 150ns (typical), PCIe 3.0 clock buffer, advanced error reporting, error handling and end-to-end data protection and built-in thermal sensor.

PI7C9X3G1632GP offers some extra benefits such as “maintaining high signal integrity in stress channel”, “advanced power management mechanism”, “enhanced reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS)” and “Surprised Hot Plug with LED Enclosure Management”

Product Parameters:
Ports -- 16
Lanes -- 32
Power -- 5.6 w
Latency -- 150 ns
Ambient or Junction Temperature (°C): -40 to 85 Deg C
Packages: HFCBGA (HFC676)