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Space saving GaN FET power Ics for fast charging in smartphones

Date: 30/05/2022
Elevation Semiconductor unveiled two high-efficiency power IC chips with smaller footprints for 20W to 65W charger fast charging through USB Power Delivery (PD) for smartphones and tablet computers, AC/DC adapters and flyback power supplies with fixed or variable output voltage applications.

The GaN FET integrated HL9550/52/54 controller ICs for designing switched-mode power supplies support continuous conduction mode (CCM), discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), and quasi-resonant (QR) and multiple frequency hybrid-mode operations.

With ability to operate at frequencies of 300kHz, 225kHz, 129kHz, 82kHz, these power ICs allows designers to choose and optimize transformer size and EMI performance. The charger designed out of these solution support range of VDD operations without need of an additional clamp circuit for USB PD applications saving from the use of external components and printed circuit space.They feature LPS function to limit input power and to stop any overpowering to prevent circuit damage when the PD controller fails.

Controller IC HL9701 synchronous rectifier is for switched-mode power supplies dedicated to the secondary side of flyback converters. The HL9701 drives the synchronous rectification MOSFET and is compatible with high-/low-side applications for QR, DCM, and CCM operations. "It intelligently rectifies for secondary current, providing proprietary transient judgment to complete fast turn on/off control for maximum efficiency and high reliability at any load compared to the conventional ultra-fast diode or Schottky diode." states Elevation in its release.

These power solutions designed to meet DoE VI and CoC 2 efficiency rules (average efficiency above 93% for 115Vac/230Vac), and the innovative technology enables the systems to consume only 20mW of no-load power consumption, as per Elevation.

“With industry veterans from leading analog companies experienced in high voltage power solutions, AC-DC controllers and HV drivers, and wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor devices such as GaN, Elevation is well-positioned to enable the next generation of advanced power systems and accelerate the world’s transition to electrification and sustainability,” said David Nam, CEO of Elevation Semiconductor.

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