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High-rel MEMS pressure sensor also measures two temperatures for IIoT

Date: 30/05/2022
OEMs looking for a palm sized pressure sensor to measure pressure of industrial gases such as N2, CO2, Ultra dry air, for hydraulic oils, and for all ASHRAE safety group A1, A2 and A2L refrigerants such as R134A, R22, R404A, R410A, DunAn Microstaq is offering its new Digital Pressure Temperature Sensor DPTS-G1.3B-BAAAXXX.

This Digital Pressure Temperature Sensor (DPTS) is a self-contained device that measures two temperature along with pressure. This sensor does not use maintainance-prone less relible O-ring for seals and can be installed on a SAE 45o flare male fitting for pressure measurements.

DPTS comes with wiring harness to includes an external temperature sensor, RS485 communication wires, power input wires, two general-purpose wires for an option to add a second temperature sensor, and PWM output wires for compressor, lighting, fan, and switching applications. The temperature sensors can be installed at any place of need.

Users of DPTS can communicate with it via the MODBUS RTU protocol and the pressure and/or temperature readings can be utilized to sent as fixed or variable PWM output to control and display devices such as actuators, LED lights on the display control panel and elsewhere, and compressor contactors controlled through solid-state relay. It can also be used as real time super heat sensor.

The other features include Embedded software with bootloading capability, Windows-based Graphical User Interface, UL listed for all ASHRAE safety group A1 refrigerants, UL recognized for all ASHRAE safety group A2 and A2L refrigerants.
DPTS hardware integrates MEMS pressure sensor and an intelligent micro-processing unit.

With some modification in your control electronics this device can be integrated into your IIoT based control systems.

The DPTS can be purchased at Digi-Key . To buy this visit: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/dmq/DPTS-G1.3B-BAAAXXX/16515740

For more details on this product visit: https://www.dmq-us.com/product/digital-pressure-temperature-sensor-dpts/