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STMicro’ 200mA low-noise LDO operate with low Vin of 1.1V

Date: 25/05/2022
STMicroelectronics’ LD56020 200mA feature extreme low dropout voltage of just 190mV (max. at full load) and maximum quiescent current of 25µA at light load.

LD56020 can work with input voltage of 1.1V to 5.5V and is suggested for mobiles, vision sensors, and wireless modules. Not expensive LD56020 has an external enable pin to put the regulator into standby mode, which reduces current below 0.1µA.

With supply-voltage rejection (SVRIN) of 90dB (1kHz, 20mA) and output noise of just 8.8µVRMS (10Hz to 100kHz), this linear regulator deliver clean power rail for low-voltage digital circuitry. To stabilize the circuit, this LDO only need a small ceramic capacitor at each of the input and output terminals. LD56020 is offered in tiny space-saving chip-scale package (CSP) with outline dimensions of 0.65mm x 0.65mm.

The protection features such as over-temperature protection, internal discharge path, short-circuit current foldback and under-voltage lockout takes care of device and board in the event of a system fault.

The LD56020 is under production now in CSP-4 chip-scale package, priced from $0.14 for orders of 1000 pieces.