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Schottky rectifiers feature highest ever current density of 800A/cm2

Date: 03/05/2022
Diodes launching a new series of Schottky rectifiers with high current density, where you will not find a closing match in the market. The new 4 A rated Schottky device SDT4U40EP3 is smallest trench Schottky rectifier in a 1608 package taking 90% less PCB area than competing devices. Featuring a current density of 800A/cm2, this device uses patent-pending innovative cathode design and manufacturing processes. With a low forward voltage of 0.47V typical, this device also provides better avalanche capability in withstanding transient voltages.

The other members of this new launch includes SDM5U45EP3 (5A, 45V), DIODES SDM4A40EP3 (4A, 40V). These devices can be used for blocking or reverse-polarity protection diodes, electrical over-stress protection diodes, and free-wheeling diodes. The high current capability in a small package makes them good choice for applications such as portable, mobile, and wearable devices, as well as IoT hardware.

When it comes to physical space consumption The X3-TSN1616-2 packaged SDM5U45EP3 has a 2mm2 footprint, while the 1.28mm2 footprint of the X3-TSN1608-2 packaged SDM4A40EP3 and SDT4U40EP3 enable system designers to maximize board real estate in modern, highly integrated consumer products. These ultra-thin CSPs, with their 0.25mm (typical) profiles, have shortened thermal paths - resulting in greater power dissipation, reducing thermal BOM costs and increasing reliability, says Diodes.

Advance samples are available upon request from: www.diodes.com/about/contact-us/sales-support/