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Hall-effect switches for brake fluid, seat-belt and brake light sensing

Date: 19/04/2022
TDK Started production of its Micronas Hall-effect switch family, HAL 15xy to work for automotive and industrial use cases, where they are called SEooC (Safety Element out of Context), meeting ASIL-B Ready ISO 26262 specs. AEC-Q100 qualified HAL 15xy can be used to sense brake fluid level , detect seat belt , and to activate brake light switch. Wide ambient temperature range of 40 °C up to max. 150 °C operating, HAL 15xy family’ samples are available immediately.

HAL 15xy offers many diagnostic features making it eligible for ASIL A and ASIL B classified automotive applications. HAL 15xy comes with unique power-on self-test where a full functional test of the sensors’ signal processing path and output can be carried out before starting standard operation.

This fault-free sensor operates from voltage range of 24 V to 2.7 V for reliable measurements during voltage drops and an extended robustness against voltage peaks as load dump pulses up to 40 V under ambient temperature conditions from -40 °C up to 150 °C. HAL 15xy family meets high ESD levels up to ±8 kV (HBM).

There's an option for customers to select from various temperature compensated constant switching points in a 3-wire version with short-circuit protected open drain output and a 2-wire version with a current source interface. These devices are available in the packages of small SOT23 SMD package and TO92-UA package with various lead forms.