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Date: 31/03/2022

Radiation tolerant ultra-narrow linewidth laser for LEO satellite applications

To address the growing market of inter-satellite laser links (ISLLs), NeoPhotonics launched its new software-centric radiation tolerant version of its Nano ultra-pure light tunable laser for low earth orbiting satellites (LEOS). Low earth orbiting satellite-based broadband communication service providers are increasingly using inter satellite laser links to lower latency and save from the cost of having more earth stations. Shifting from microwave to coherent optical technology enabe satellite to satellite communications to increase transmission capacity to the likes of terrestrial fiber optic communications speeds such as 800Gbps on a single wavelength.

NeoPhotonics said its current Nano-ITLA laser is in high volume production for terrestrial fiber optics applications and is used by many of the leading optical networking companies in their most advanced coherent pluggable modules and high-speed embedded systems. The new space-grade laser enhanced with extended lifetime operation of the proven Nano laser hardware in a radiation environment.

“NeoPhotonics has been a leader in the design, development and high-volume production of ultra-narrow linewidth tunable lasers for coherent communications over the last decade, and we are excited to offer our high performance to the exciting new application of satellite communications” said Tim Jenks, Chairman and CEO of NeoPhotonics. “We have used our long experience and deep understanding of lasers technology to develop an innovative software-centric approach to radiation tolerance that speeds time to market, while maintaining performance and limiting costs,” concluded Mr. Jenks.