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AEC-Q100 compliant ultra small DC DC converter for automotive applications

Date: 07/02/2021
The new DFN3625-11B ultra-small leadless packaged step-down micro DC/DC converters from Torex Semiconductor are automotive AEC-Q100 compliant.

These power supply Ics can work with input voltage of 3.0V to 36V (absolute maximum ratings 40V) with a switching frequency of 2.2MHz, 0.75V standard voltage supply are built-in, and the output voltage can be set from 1.8V to 5.0V with an external resistance. The control system can be selected from PWM control (XDL605) or PWM/PFM automatic switching control (XDL606).

DC/DC converter power supply circuit can be wired by just adding a ceramic capacitor and a resistance for voltage setting to the external components saving space and number of external components. With the coil inside the chip, radiation noise is minimized.

With the soft-start time internally set to 1.0ms (TYP.) these devices have option to set to any desired value by connecting a resistance and capacity to the EN/SS pin, and the power good function makes it possible to monitor the status of the output voltage. Sequence control can be performed with a combination of the soft-start time and power good function.

With dimensions of 2.5 x 3.6 x h1.55mm, these chips are claimed as world’s smallest class of coil-integrated DC/DCs compliant with AEC-Q100. The package uses a wettable flank structure, and fillets are formed at the side of the terminal by this, allowing automatic visual inspections of solder joints to be performed.

With the release of XDL603/XDL604 series, the product lines of DC/DC converters with integrated coils for automobiles are 5.5V (XDL601/XDL602), 18V (XDL603/XDL604) and 36V (XDL605/XDL606). XDL603/XDL604 series also has a variation of conventional DC/DC converters with an external coil which are XD9263/XD9264 series. With two different solutions available of stand-alone DC/DCs and coil-integrated, customers can select the best solution to match their own unique applications.