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Date: 09/12/2020

Single wafer drying equipment from TEL uses supercritical fluid

Semiconductor equipment vendor Tokyo Electron (TEL) announces availability of its new CELLESTA SCD single wafer cleaning system by January 2021.

Tokyo Electron has developed latest semiconductor wafer drying method using supercritical fluid to prevent what is called pattern collapse, a problem noticed by the semiconductor chip fabricators in multilayer 3-D structures, particularly while making extremely advanced highly integrated chips.

TEL supplies a product series called CELLESTA which is widely used for cleaning semiconductor wafers in semiconductor manufacturing industry. This new CELLESTA SCD integrates a dedicated supercritical drying chamber on the mass production-proven CELLESTA platform.

“CELLESTA SCD offers an innovative technological solution to the wafer-drying challenges in the post cleaning process for manufacturing advanced semiconductor devices,” said Keiichi Akiyama, Vice President and General Manager, CTSPS BU at TEL. “We will continue to leverage our ability to develop innovative technologies and deliver high value-added products, providing optimum solutions for technological issues associated with the most advanced semiconductor devices.”

TEL to display this product at CELLESTA SCD at SEMICON Japan 2020 Virtual.

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