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Antennas for heavy duty harsh environment applications

Date: 09/12/2020
Electronic component manufacturer AVX has announced a range of small low profile form factor rugged antennas for range of applications requiring less space, low weighing, and still delivering performance. With low height down to 6.7mm, they are designed to receive signals in the frequency range of 698–5,920MHz with high reliability, efficiency, and gain characteristics.

The Ethertronics range of antennas are environmentally sealed to withstand harsh environment conditions and are of heavy duty. Since wireless IOT is being used to control outdoor devices and equipments such as agriculture, industrial, and transportation. So these applications require electronic components which withstand worst environment conditions and these antennas target that market.

“Ethertronics’ new range of external antennas leverages a combination of advanced satellite and wireless communication technologies to deliver outstanding performance designed to meet widespread cross-market demand for ruggedized solutions in harsh-environment applications extending across the industrial and transportation industries,” said Alexander Hall, field applications engineer, AVX. “By offering a variety of standard antenna products, we can provide engineers with significant cost- and time-savings, eliminate the need for design fees, reduce cycle times, and hasten time to market.”

Available in two options of foam adhesive and screw nut mounting, they feature PX5 and IPX7 sealing protection and withstand operating temperatures extending from -40° to 85°C.

Distributors Digi key, Mouser and TTI are officially named by AVX For stocking these components.

Ethertronics' list of antennas include:
GNSS (active)/LTE MIMO 3-in-1 External Antenna (X1005245)
LTE External Antenna (X1005246)
GNSS (active) External Antenna (X1005247)
GNSS (active)/DSRC 2-in-1 External Antenna (X1005248)
WiFi External Antenna (X1005323)
LTE MIMO/GNSS (active)/WiFi MIMO 5-in-1 External Antenna (X1005324)
GPS/GLONASS (Active) & LTE 2-in-1 External Antenna (X1005243)
GNSS (active)/LTE/WiFi 3-in-1 External Antenna (X1005244)