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DC/DC modules can source 100s Amperes to AI accelerator boards

Date: 02/12/2020
MaxLinear has launched a dual 18A MxL7218 and two dual 25A MxL7225 and MxL7225-1 power modules. These power modules allow paralleling of its output to double the current capacity, so that you can draw 36 A in the case of 18 A module and 50 A in the case of 25 A module. These two new products add to the MaxLinear's existing family of power modules that include dual 4A (MxL7204) and dual 13A (MxL7213) versions targeting industrial applications such as medical and test equipment.

The power modules can also be paralleled for single power rails up to 300A. MxL7225-1 allows designers to fine tune the control loop in cases where optimal transient performance is required.

Suggested as power supply devices for AI accelerator and other high-power processor boards built using FPGA, DSP and SoC , they can operate with input voltage in the range of 4.5V - 15V and delivering output voltages in the range of 0.6V to 1.8V. Power levels can be adjusted to match the required load. The inductors are placed externally so that these modules are Thermally perform better than competing modules also offer physical size and flexibility advantages.

“Power modules are used by designers to save space and simplify the design process by integrating a plethora of discrete components at densities generally not achievable on their own circuit boards,” said James Lougheed, Vice President of Marketing for MaxLinear’s High Performance Analog business unit. “These new releases advance our position in the fast-growing billion-dollar Power Supply in Package (PSiP) market.”

16mm x 16mm x 5.01mm BGA packaged MxL7218, MxL7225 and MxL7225-1 are RoHS compliant terminal finish and feature an industry standard pinout. With the Sample and evaluation boards available immediately, MxL7218, MxL7225 and MxL7225-1 are priced at $33.30, $44.40 and $44.40, respectively in 1K units.