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Extremely narrow beam capable LiDAR for use in autonomous sys

Date: 06/11/2020
A new High-Power Laser Module for LiDAR for use in autonomous vehicles market and such applications is launched by EMCORE. The new Model 1790 1550 nm was developed for use as a CW (Continuous Wavelength) coherent optical source for next generation FMCW (Frequency Modulation Continuous Wavelength) LiDAR systems. A customised model of this is already adopted by a major supplier of LiDAR systems for expected use in autonomous vehicle.

The technology behind Model 1790 was developed to address demanding applications in industrial sensing and measurement. Monolithically designed 1790 offers very narrow beam linewidths and high-efficiency coupling scheme to provide high optical output power of 18 dBm allowing designing of a compact and robust solution for FMCW sensing. It is highly immune to the mode or optical frequency hopping typically found with single isolator, external cavity designs due to optimized coupling optics. By keeping optical frequency stability over temperature desists false readings caused by the mode or frequency hopping which is said to be typical in conventional designs.

We are extremely excited about the development of our laser technology for LiDAR and optical sensing and see it supporting a broad array of industrial applications beyond autonomous vehicles including materials characterization, strain measurement, terahertz-spectroscopy, interferometry, position and interference measurement, and other applications, said Gyo Shinozaki, Vice President and General Manager of Broadband for EMCORE. Our vertical integration allows for different wavelengths to be available for custom applications and form factors, including packaged component or micro-optical subassembly, added Mr. Shinozaki.

The Model 1790 laser module is DC-coupled with a built-in TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler), thermistor and monitor photodiode. The device is packaged in a 14-pin, OC-48 pinout compatible hermetic butterfly form factor with double optical isolator mounted on the TEC. It has a wide operating temperature range from -10 C to +65 C and is Telcordia Technologies GR-468 and RoHS compliant.