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Rearview image video pocessor IC from Intersil does not freeze video and delay is no more than 0.5S after rev gear

Date: 11/07/2017
Renesas subsidiary Intersil launched a high-definition (HD) 1080p LCD video processor with analog video decoder, two scalers and MIPI-CSI2 SoC interface. TW8844 is designed to fulfill the reliability requirement of automakers to ensure their rearview camera systems are compliant with the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS-111). The FMVSS-111 law requires that all new vehicles sold in the U.S., beginning in May 2018, have rearview backup cameras and the rear camera video must display in less than two seconds after the driver places the vehicle into reverse gear. The TW8844 video processor with MIPI-CSI2 output and TW8845 video processor with BT.656 output displaying live video with graphics overlay in less than 0.5 seconds after vehicle ignition.
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TW8844 is an option to move from analog to digital camera systems. TW8844 supports various video interfaces and LCD panel resolutions up to full HD 1920 x 1080. The TW8844 LCD video processor is suggested for center stack/head units, full display rearview mirrors, instrument cluster displays, and dual headrest rear-seat entertainment systems. The TW884x has no issues of software freezes and hang-ups by monitoring the SoC and camera output to determine if they are in a frozen or corrupted state. If the TW884x detects any issue, it bypasses the SoC and instantly displays the rearview camera video.

"The TW884x's frozen detection feature is hardwired to trigger an interrupt signal if thresholds are violated, ensuring the vehicle's rearview camera is FMVSS-111 compliant and live video is instantly displayed," said Philip Chesley, senior vice president of Precision Products at Intersil. "In addition, the TW884x's rearview camera bypass architecture decouples the camera-to-display signal path from the rest of the infotainment system, which makes attaining an ISO 26262 functional safety rating on the camera system easier for automakers."

Key specs and features:

10-bit ADC NTSC/PAL analog video decoder supports differential, pseudo differential, and single ended composite video inputs (two differential or four single-ended), with built-in short-to-battery and short-to-ground diagnostics
Two independent digital RGB input ports up to 24-bit RGB at 160MHz (1080p) each
Two LVDS OpenLDI input ports (shares pins with the 2nd DRGB input) in 1-ch or 2-ch input mode, with 100MHz (max) per channel in 1-ch mode or 160MHz in 2-ch mode
Support either one full HD input (1080p) or two HD inputs (720p)
Provide system flexibility to drive most LCD panels:
LCD path for TTL/TCON up to 24-bit DRGB, 160MHz (max)
LVDS OpenLDI: dual channel, 100MHz (max) per channel in 1-ch mode or 160MHz in 2-ch mode
TW8844 supports 4-lane MIPI-CSI2 output for up to 1080p, with up to 1Gb/lane
TW8845 supports BT.656 output to the SoC with resolutions up to 720p
Two input measurement engines with frozen/abnormal image detection diagnostics to monitor input from the SoC and camera
EEPROM fast boot allows register programming without need for external microcontroller
Two separate H/V scalers for outputting up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution, allow processing of two different sources simultaneously, while outputting different data to the SoC and display, or they can simultaneously drive two different displays with different content
Automatic Contrast Adjustment (ACA), white balance and gamma correction optimizes video quality
Smooth input switching allows switching between various input sources without screen flicker
AEC-Q100 Grade-2 qualified for operation from -40C to +105C

Package: TW8844 video processor with MIPI-CSI2 output is available now in a 14mm x 20mm, 156-lead LQFP

Price: $10.00 USD in 1k quantities

More info at: www.intersil.com/products/tw8844 and www.intersil.com/products/tw8845