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New JRC unveils FM IF demodulator with phase shifter-less for voice

Date: 23/03/2017
New JRC has announced the release of FM IF demodulator IC NJW2311. This new product has broadband function and phase shifter-less, and it is suitable for wireless or wired voice communication.

The NJW2311 FM demodulation IC can automatically IF detect the FM modulating signal of 1.5MHz to 15MHz, and it can operate from 4.5V. The phase shifter will not be required if the NJW2311 is used in the communication system. The product has built in an IF amplifier, a FM demodulator and a low noise operational amplifier.

The product is suitable for various FM receivers for wireless or wired voice communication as it realizes high S/N ratio and low distortion characteristics.

Other features:

NJW2311 operation in broadband can automatically IF detect the signal of 1.5MHz to 15MHz and hence the frequency adjustment after mounting is not required. By reducing the conventional parts, the mounting area can be minimised.

By employing the circuit design of phase shifter-less, the new product realizes S/N ratio of 80dB and THD of 0.015% even if operated over 4.5V displaying good FM demodulation characteristics.

The product ensures best S/N ratio in FM demodulation as it employs built-in low noise operational amplifier. The amplification rate of the operational amplifier can be set at any value by the external resistance in order to obtain custom output.

Product Characteristics:
Operating current: 23mA typical
Voltage range: 4.5V to 5.5V
Automatic IF detection: IF = 1.5MHz to 15MHz
Demodulated output frequency range: fmod = 20Hz to 100kHz, External parts modification: up to 300kHz
S/N ratio: 80dB @fdev = 75kHz
Distortion ratio: 0.015% @fdev = 75kHz
Package: SSOP14

Wireless microphone (RF/IR)
Wireless headphone (RF/IR)
Intercom, water heater remote control (wired)

Already entered mass production.