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Space saving DC/DC boost converter IC for wearables and consumer IOT

Date: 14/03/2017
Maxim has announced a new DC/DC converter regulator IC which consumes very less quiescent current of only 30 nano Amps. The MAX17222 can operate from a input voltage of 0.4 V to 5.5 V and delivers an output voltage of 1.8 V to 5 V. Though there are plenty of such boost DC/DC regulator ICs available, what Maxim claims is, this IC takes very less space, only 50% compared to similar products in the market. With a peak efficiency of 95%, this device is suggested for wearable devices and also consumer IOT products used for health monitoring which are powered by battery with limited power storage.

MAX17222 is also designed to draw very less current of 0.5 nano amperes during shutdown mode. MAX17222 is internally compensated and requires only a single configuration resistor and small output filter for a full power solution, so that means less number of external components.

MAX17222 boost regulator available in density-optimized 0.88mm x 1.4mm 6-Bump WLP and 2mm x 2mm 6-Pin standard uDFN packages. This device operates in the temperature range of -40-degree Celsius to +85-degree Celsius.

The MAX17222ELT+ is available for $1.23(1000-up, FOB USA) at Maxim's website and select franchised distributors. The others support such as evaluation kit, EE-Sim also made available to Maxim's customers.