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8-Bit microcontroller based SOC chip for drone, robot, and many more applications

Date: 12/03/2017
Although 8-bit microcontrollers market share by revenue shrinking, but it still find some applications where the 8-bit offers advantages over 32-bit. 8-bit microcontrollers still find going in the new market applications. NXP semiconductors could take 8-bit microcontroller further by launching SOC based on HCS08 core to control drones, robots, power tools, DC fan, healthcare and any such low end brushless DC electrical motor control based designs. The MC9S08SUx is powered by enhanced S08L central processor unit with three-phase MOSFET pre-drivers to deliver all-in-one unit for 4.5V-18V motor control applications.

“The market trend is pointing towards integrated solutions that save system size and cost, and NXP is leading the industry as the only provider to offer a single-chip offering with integrated microcontroller and MOSFET pre-driver in a 4x4x0.65mm form factor, which also makes it possible to cut the printed circuit board size in half,” said Geoff Lees, senior vice president and general manager of the microcontroller business line at NXP. “Historically, several devices were needed to address the needs of BLDC motor control applications, which can be expensive and large in size; our latest addition to the S08 MCU family underscores our dedication to solving unique challenges by introducing new microcontrollers for the broad market.”

The new chip saves the design from using external LDO, operational amplifiers, and pre-drivers. MC9S08SUx integrates most of the functions required for driving BLDC motor such as 0 crossing point detection, pulse width measurement, protection against over-voltage and over-current.

Embedded Systems developers only need to configure registers to use the built-in functions. The MC9S08SUx family also includes amplifiers for current measurement and supports three high-side PMOSes as well as three low-side NMOSes.

The embedded software tools suggested to support this device are IAR Embedded Workbench, CodeWarrior IDE. “The leading optimization technology in IAR Embedded Workbench helps developers to maximize performance and minimize power consumption for applications based on the new MC9S08SUx MCU family from NXP,” said Jan Nyrén, Product Manager, IAR Systems.

More information is available at www.nxp.com/sS08su