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A single platform with secure RToS, security element and microcontroller chip for your IOT

Date: 12/03/2017
For a robust IOT system, both the core-hardware and core-software need to be secure and rugged. To ensure that, top IOT microcontroller chip vendor STMicroelectronics and a embedded software company called Prove and Run are joining hands in offering scalable security platform for IOT. At the popular embedded Systems event called "Embedded World" going to be held during March 14-16, these companies together demonstrating their joint scalable security platform for IOT.

The secure operating system ProvenCore-M from Prove and Run to work with ST's STM32L4 microcontroller IC. The combined solution leverages STSAFE-A100 secure element, where security features such as application isolation, secure boot, secure firmware update, and key-storage resistant to physical attacks are taken care. The advantages to the developer are, they don't need to have the security expertise, and they only need to focus on functional aspect of development.

The secure IOT platform hardware/semiconductor and software components include:

STM32L4 with up to 100 DMIPS at 37ľA/MHz of active power consumption has up to 1 MB of Flash and 320 KB of SRAM, complements the newly added ST Chrom-ART Accelerator graphics engine. There is also an extra CAN interface, a camera interface and crystal-less Full Speed (FS) USB OTG.

The real-time operating system ProvenCore has proven properties for enforcing the isolation of applications and stability of the platform. Seen as a micro-kernel takes lesser effort on integrating existing code as an application and offering stronger security services and enforcing latest secure coding recipes. There is also exclusive secure boot and secure application-update mechanisms which can be optionally integrated with STSAFE-A100 platform integrity services.

STSAFE-A100 Secure Element is a Common Criteria EAL5+ -certified security solution for protecting against counterfeiting, cloning, and stealing information, and helping to fight against denials of service. The STSAFE-A100 features a secure embedded operating system that provides authentication, secure communication, and secure data-management and platform integrity services, such as secure boot and firmware upgrade. It is personalized with keys and secrets at ST facilities, explains ST.