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USB 3.0 Camera for machine vision applications

Date: 10/03/2017
e-con Systems launched USB3.0 embedded camera module for applications such as Machine vision, barcode detection on moving objects and object tracking. The See3CAM_130, a 4K Autofocus USB 3.0 Camera is based on the 1/3.2-inch AR1335, a CMOS image sensor from On Semiconductor can produce Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) at 30fps and 4K Cinema (4096 x 2160) 30fps over USB 3.0 in compressed MJPEG format.

With a form factor of 80 x 50mm features interlaced High Dynamic range (iHDR) and improved low light sensitivity allowing this camera to work in both extreme lighting conditions. See3CAM_130 comes with 7 GPIO headers for standard and custom functions. External hardware trigger input is available for 3D sync and 13MP still image capture with zero shutter lag.
Smart TV

This new product is launched after the successful debut of USB Autofocus camera e-CAM51_USB 4 years ago from the same company.

E-con Systems provides sample Windows applications, e-CAMView and Linux application, QtCAM that uses the standard UVC protocol to access the camera controls. The e-CAMView, a DirectShow based image viewer application from e-con Systems enables controls such as Gain, Exposure, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast and various other controls. Region of interest based Auto focus and Auto exposure is enabled through extension unit. The extension unit also enables to control Quality factor of MJEG streaming, Burst mode, iHDR, Scene mode, De-Noise and effects such as Sketch, Negative, Grayscale, etc. The Exposure time can be adjusted manually and noise reduction level can also adjust manually. QtCam Open source Linux camera software application enables capturing and viewing video from devices supported by Linux UVC driver and also works with any V4L2 compatible device.

This board is now available for evaluation purposes.