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Speech recognition enabled Smart Microphone responds to your voice commands

Date: 02/03/2017
MEMS microphone offers better sensitivity and improved frequency response compared to other microphones in the market. MEMS microphones offers significant audio quality benefit when multiple microphones are used together. Now the three companies with the different audio technology expertise have joined hands to make the MEMS microphone a more smarter with ability to recognise speech and voice commands in a smarter way.

The MEMS expert STMicroelectronics, digital signal processing expert expert DSP Group, and voice interface company Sensory Inc able to create voice smart microphone for wide range of voice controlled devises. DSP Groupís ultra-low power voice-processing chip and Sensoryís voice-recognition firmware and a MEMS microphone from STMicroelectronics is integrated in a system in package device.

The DSP processor is capable of handling speech recognition without the support of external processor board. The low-power audio processor chip HDClear from DSP Group process the audio by consuming less power from the battery.