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Rugged mil-grade Joystick with tactile feedback from Grayhill

Date: 26/02/2017
Electromechanical switching component vendor Grayhill launched Series 04JTJoystick with direct tactile feedback for rugged and reliable use. 04JT designed to meet military standards for immersion, mechanical shock, vibration, and moisture seal, making it ideal for harsh applications where vibration or contamination are a concern.

Key Advantages as explained by Grayhill includes:
Short behind-the-panel depth ? requires just 0.7 inches
Dynamically Sealed? tested to IP67 even when switch is actuated
Momentary contact with tactile feedback ?self-return to center, where the contact is open
Long life cycle ?250,000 cycles through all directions

The list of applications includes Military vehicles, Motion control on construction equipment, Medical devices that require cursor control from panel-mounted components, Robotic control or positioning in industrial applications.

Series 04JT has been tested per MIL-STD-810, MIL-PRF-8805, MIL-DTL-9419, and MIL-DTL-9419G standards to achieve electrical and environmental specs.