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China based Shannon launches first 12.8TB PCIe SSD

Date: 19/12/2016
The china based Shannon Systems has launched world’s first 12.8TB PCIe SSD drive, Direct-IO G4i. The customer Of Shannon who has already deployed this PCIe SSD product is China's leading B2B portal Alibaba and it able to handle more intensive and larger workloads during peak times, serving more than 120,000 transactions per second in the last “singles day” sales event on November 11.

Shannon's other customers include travel website Qunar, telecommunications providers China Telecom and China Unicom and partners such as IT and electronics industry leaders Inspur, Huawei, Lenovo and HPE.

“3D NAND technology heralds a new era of flash storage with high performance, high capacity and low cost being available at the same time for users,” remarked Shannon CEO Yang Xueshi. “Shannon has always been a frontrunner for research in this area. By utilizing 3D NAND, we provide a staggering capacity of 12.8TB on a single SSD drive. This is a milestone for the SSD industry.”

To achieve reliability, Shannon adopted advanced signal processing, error correction and RAID technologies which eliminates the need to flush DRAM buffered data during sudden power loss.

3D-NAND based nonvolatile memory express (NVMe)-based SSD line is also available from Shannon with access latency less than 15µs, more than 2GB/s read/write bandwidth with a typical power consumption of less than 6W.