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Display Link and Targus launched first universal dual-video docking station

Date: 19/12/2016
A docking station is where it enables your laptop to connect to your wired network , keyboard, mouse , monitor , printer and other peripherals in a single step. Docks are not standardized and are therefore often designed with a specific make and model of a device in mind.

Hence there arose a need for universal docking station. Universal docking stations, on the other hand, work equally well with a multitude of laptops. Instead of being built for a specific machine to snap into, they connect to your laptop via a single USB cable, making them easy to connect and disconnect.

But the main issue in universal docking was that it does not deliver power to laptop. USB-based docks can't display the entire boot-up procedure, making troubleshooting an errant machine difficult.

Display Link and Targus were the first to launch their first universal dual-video docking station to deliver laptop power. This new feature of this docking station is that it is capable of supporting dual 4K2K 60 Hz HD displays (24bpp) over a single USB connection to any laptop. The new Targus Universal USB 3.0 DV4K Docking Station (DOCK160USZ) provides universal compatibility for IT and corporate users over a standard USB 3.0 port, driving dual displays up to 4096x2160 via DisplayPort or HDMI.

The Targus DOCK160USZ's two DisplayPort and two HDMI ports are offered in an "Any-Two From-Four" approach to expand user workstations and enhance productivity. The dock has a convenient one-meter cable and its wedge design creates an ergonomic typing angle. It also supports Gigabit Ethernet, Audio,and USB expansion ports for peripherals, ideal for both corporate and home use.

Whether provisioned for hoteling, conference facilities, or thin-and-light platforms in a busy office, USB docking stations enabled by the new DisplayLink DL-6950 offer total flexibility for IT and end users alike. All DisplayLink docking solutions can scale as display demands grow; multiple DisplayLink docks can be daisy-chained together over USB or expanded using DisplayLink USB video adapters. Any DisplayLink-enabled product carrying the DisplayLink Certified logo (such as the DOCK160USZ) can be used to further expand connectivity without impacting resolution.

"Being first to market with a dual 4K2K 60Hz solution was important to our customers and key to Targus driving forward as a leader in universal USB docks," said Ron DeCamp, Vice President, Global Product Management and Development at Targus. "Customers today demand flexibility, especially amongst the complexities of new technologies. DOCK160USZ is compatible with the installed base of standard USB 3.0 connections as well as USB-C (with a simple cable adapter, not included) for effortless connection regardless of the host platform for both end users and enterprise IT departments."

"Targus is a long-standing DisplayLink partner and frequently first to market with new product introductions using the latest DisplayLink solutions, and they've achieved this again following the launch of the DL-6950 earlier this year," said John Cummins, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DisplayLink. "DOCK160USZ is a truly universal docking station that connects over any USB3 connection and makes connectivity planning and provisioning for IT simple, if it looks like a USB connector it will just work. With dual 4k 60Hz support for both DisplayPort and HDMI, this dock also has performance to spare."