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Panasonic develops IPS LCD with 600x higher contrast ratio

Date: 29/11/2016
One of the leading Japanese electronics company Panasonic has developed its first IPS liquid crystal panel which achieves a high contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1, and is 600 times that of conventional LCD panels, a far higher performance.

The Other features in this new LCD panel tech inlcudes, they offers better viewing angle, high reliability and also high brightness.

The high contrast IPS panel tech is best suitable for use in high-definition High Dynamic Range (HDR) monitors to run the applications such as broadcasting stations and video production studios.

Due to the less contrast ratio one can see a tinge of white-light on the non-white colors, but in the high contrast ratio LCDs one can see the black screen as very close to real black color and it offers a good and improved image quality both in bright color and dark color images.

In the applications such as medical and automotive these new high contrast LCD is useful where the displays are used in various situations with different background lighting conditions.

These displays are designed to offer a maximum brightness of 1,000 cd/mē.

Most of the traditional displays faces many technical issues and some of those are, black floating, white washout phenomenon, in dark parts of the display area when the backlight intensity is increased to raise brightness. When the backlight intensity is lowered to make dark parts clearer, where as these new IPS panels are highly improved on all these features.

These displays does not need any advanced manufacturing process they use traditional manufacturing process and can be manufactured by using the existing liquid panel manufacturing facilities.

The Sample of these LCD panels are expected to available from January 2017.