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  Date: 28/10/2016

IoT devices monitors health of firefighters to ensure safety

Analog Devices and Dell have jointly developing a IoT product to check the health of workers who are working in emergency rescue conditions such as fire, natural calamities and in the difficult conditions. The IOT device check the real time health and safety of these workers. Both the cos have unveiled a proof of concept model.

The IoT device which attached to the body of the worker tracks the location and temperature of first responders at all times in or outside of buildings. Smart wearable device worn by personnel to check useful health metrics including breathing rate, breathing volume, and heart rate. Also a connected boot tracks the location and movement. The main function of this product is to track and identify workers and check if they are in trouble. The edge gateway device collects the data from the vest and boot and send via a mobile network to a secure cloud. The results collected from multiple staff and displayed on a portal via a dashboard for access by control teams who may be at the emergency site or in a central control room. This assures the safety of the first respondents, the persons who are attending to dangerous conditions.

The solution uses a product called INFINITE, its an Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) approved testbed developed by Dell in collaboration with Vodafone and Cork Institute of Technology to use it in this kind of applications where security and safety is critical.
“INFINITE encompasses all the significant technologies, domains and platforms to support major advancements in cloud, networks, mobile, wireless, edge gateways, sensors and analytics that are defining IoT globally,” said Donagh Buckley, head of Dell EMC Research Europe. “I am delighted that the testbed has enabled close collaboration between Dell Technologies and Analog Devices to build new IoT solutions quickly, reliably and securely."

“This POC IoT solution brings together multiple technologies in a unique way and showcases the need for precise and robust measurement in mission-critical applications,” said Jason Lynch, director, IoT Strategy, Analog Devices. “Software algorithms correlate the various data streams using the INFINITE testbed to determine the health and location of workers in real time, and help to ensure critical decisions regarding their safety are made immediately and reliably.”

The platform is designed to support future integration of sensing technologies supporting inertial measurement units in case of non-availability of GPS such as inside the buildings or wherever the GPS signal is not available. ADI says products, such as the ADIS16448 IMU, can augment the existing first responder platform with a fully integrated and calibrated sensor-suite (gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, and pressure sensor), capable of supporting infrastructure-less navigation in complex extreme environments.

This system uses an e-textile platform called Hexoskin which is a wearable IOT solution. The solution can also be used to monitor motion, heart rate and other useful health perform metrics which useful not only to the workers but also to the sports people.

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