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  Date: 23/10/2016

Single chip power bank charging IC supports custom charge/discharge profiles

The power banks are becoming popular so that people can charge their mobile phone anywhere they are. To make the power bank design simpler, ON Semiconductor is offering a single chip IC for power bank charging. The LC709501F basically finds out what is the type of device connected to it automatically and select the best and fast available method for charging the power bank. The LC709501F supports Li-Ion battery with wide power voltage and current range of 5 volt (V), 9 V and 12 V operations and a maximum charge/discharge capability of up to 30 watts (W) through simple FET selection.

This IC chip can be programmed to support custom charge/discharge profiles and even USB Type-C and PD Policy Engine functions. The other functions integrated in this device include fuel gauge function, configurable I/O, LED drivers, I2C interface, and pre-drivers for external power MOSFETs. A design reference kit is also made available to quickly design to test this particular IC. Integrated USB 2.0 Full Speed host controller is also made available.

The LC709501F’s USB host controller supports connectivity with iOS and Android apps that supports the device to communicate with the connected Smartphone and subsequently make use of its display to show information concerning the battery health and the charging process (charging time, battery life, number of charging cycles completed, etc.). The device works with the proprietary charging protocols (such as Fast Charge and Qualcomm Quick Charge) now being utilized by Smartphone manufacturers to accelerate the charging period. To ensure operational longevity, over-current, over-voltage, and redundant battery protection mechanisms are all included, as well as a thermistor for monitoring of temperature levels. The LC709501F supports an operational temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C.

“With a growing need for on-the-go recharging of portable electronics, power banks are certain to become more prevalent over the coming years,” states Matthew Tyler, Director Strategy and Product Roadmap Definition of the Digital and DC/DC Division at ON Semiconductor. “Accurate and reliable charge capacity indication and the ability to support the latest quick charging standards are becoming more critical, especially as power bank capacities have grown over time. The level of sophistication that power banks possess is destined to increase, so that batteries can be replenished as quickly as possible and inconvenience is minimized. The new, best-in-class LC709501F charger will enable the creation of compact, highly efficient, feature-rich power banks that will simplify and accelerate time-to-market of next generation power bank solutions. Its breadth of functionality will enhance the user experience and mean that high degrees of safety are maintained.”

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