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  Date: 23/10/2016

Cloud connected gateway to prevent cyber attack in networked cars

The cyber attacks to car is highly possible if your car has a internal network which connects to external wired and wireless networks and devices. To prevent cyber attacks on the vehicles and the embedded automotive electronics systems, companies Infineon and Argus have joined hands to come out with the intrusion detection and prevention systems using cloud platform.

The central part of the system is a cyber security gateway which protects the vehicle’s internal network from cyber attacks. The central gateway connects all electronic control units (ECU) of in-vehicle domains such as those used in the power train, driver assistance, chassis and, body and convenience control. The central gateway routes and controls the complete data communication between the ECUs. Additionally, it is the central access point for software updates over the air (SOTA) so that any updates from either of the vendors can be updated to the system over the air without connecting the device physically to the system just for the sake of update. This new sys also supports maintenance and diagnosis of systems.

The semiconductor devices used in this device are AURIX microcontrollers from Infineon. They process and handle security tasks. AURIX microcontrollers support security protocols and feature Hardware Security Module (HSM) to protect in-vehicle software and data communication supporting high security level. Some of the security classifications includes up to EVITA “high” that is used to protect critical vehicle functions against a wide variety of attack scenarios via direct cable access to the car network and via radio interface. AURIX microcontrollers feature six cores and scalable in memory memory size with the maximum of 16 MB of Flash memory and 6 MB on-chip SRAM. It also features 12 CAN-FD channels, eMMC interface, and Ethernet connectivity.

”With more connectivity embedded into a vehicle, the protection of critical system functions from cyber threats is paramount,” said Thomas Boehm, Senior Director, Chassis & ADAS Microcontrollers at Infineon. “The team-up of AURIX with Argus IDPS provides a major building block of that protection enabling automotive system suppliers to benefit from an enhanced cyber security solution.”

Argus's intrusion detection and prevention system detect anomalous messages and prevent the propagation of such messages inside the vehicle network in real time. The low latency and less space occupying system uses context-aware heuristic and learning algorithms to enable optimal detection rate as a stand-alone solution. The cloud used in this system also belongs to Argus which provides car manufacturers with situational awareness to their fleets’ cyber health via a cloud-based intuitive dashboard and with the means to analyze attacks and take preventive actions. The IDPS supports different communication protocols, operating systems and deployment options.

“Joining forces with Infineon is a natural next-step in ensuring that today’s connected cars and the vehicles of the future are protected against cyber threats”, said Yoni Heilbronn, Vice President of Marketing at Argus Cyber Security. “Cyber security needs to be integrated into the entire design and manufacturing processes of vehicles. The Argus IDPS constitutes one significant protection layer out of our multi-layered solution suites for the automotive industry.”

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