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Crypto enhanced ARM Cortex M7 microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics

Date: 18/10/2016
STMicroelectronics has added two new microcontrollers to its family of STM32F7 ARM Cortex-M7 based microcontrollers.

The two new chips offers features such as Code-execution protection and high-speed USB physical-layer (PHY) circuitry. Another interesting feature is, these are crypto enhanced chips having an efficient AES256 HW engine. When it comes to availability of multiple packages and multiple pins, you can get these chips from 64-pin LQFP up to 176-pin LQFP or UFBGA. And the SRAM in these chips is around 256KB and Flash is around 256KB to 512KB.

ST has addressed the portability and compatibility issues both in the software and packaging, making them compatible with previous versions of STM32F.

If you are looking for a new Kit there is availability of new Discovery Kit, offered by ST with expansion connectors that can supports 8-pin socket for Wi-Fi modules. The kit also features Power over Ethernet (PoE), 512-Mbit Quad-SPI (QSPI) Flash interface and also the new accessories that would enhance flexibility and the extend application including the B-LCDAD-RPI1 15-pin single row Flexible Printed Circuit DSI adapter board and B-LCDAD-HDMI1 DSI-to-HDMI adapter. The Kit is also supplied with B-LCD40-DSI 4-inch WVGA capacitive-touchscreen displays or in case if someone doesn’t need a display they can get it at lower price. The B-LCD40-DSI can be ordered separately if needed to upgrade the kit at a later date.

The STM32F769 Discovery Kits available immediately at a price of (US $49) and also the DSI and HDMI display-adapter boards and the 4-inch WVGA MIPI-DSI touchscreen LCD is also available immediately along with this Kit. These products are available in the volume production from the Q1 2017 and the each devices are Priced at $5.04 from a quantity of 10,000 units) in the package of
For further information please visit www.st.com/stm32f7