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Analog Front End IC for ECG

Date: 06/10/2016
Analog Devices unveiled Analog Front End (AFE) IC AD8233 exclusively for electrocardiogram (ECG) systems. These AFE chips helps medical electronics designers to use single IC for analog front end instead of multiple discrete analog IC Chips in ECG systems. Small size devices measuring 2.0mm 1.7mm suits well for wearable/portable medical electronic devices. Since it is designed to consume less power, AD8233 enables medical electronic devices to work for longer hours without charging the battery of portble and wearble devices.

The specification includes the following:

1. Low quiescent current of 50 A (typical)
2. Lead on/off detection even while in shutdown mode (<1 A)
3. 80-dB common-mode rejection ratio (DC to 60 Hz).
4. Electrical noise, a critical specification for cardiac-monitoring devices, is below 10 V from 0.5 to 40 Hz.

5. The AD8233 also allows for highly flexible filter configurations which are essential to consistent, confident operation in an inherently harsh electrical environment under a range of use cases: a two-pole adjustable high-pass filter, a three-pole adjustable low-pass filter with adjustable gain, and an RFI filter.

6. Includes an integrated right leg drive (RLD) amplifier with shutdown plus an uncommitted op amp.