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  Date: 06/10/2016

Space-saving 3G/2G dual-mode IoT Module for wearables

Telit has made available of its UE866-EU, an HSPA module banded for European and Asian markets. UE866-EU is packed in 15x25mm LGA footprint and is ideal for IoT applications where space availability is an issue such as telematics OBDII dongles, health monitoring devices and connected wearables.

The UE866-EU dual-band HSPA module with fallback to GSM/GPRS allows system integrators to take direct advantage of Telit IoT Connectivity and IoT Platform services designed for easy device-to-cloud on boarding. Telit’s devices can be used in any part of the world simply selecting regional or technology variants from the same form factor family. The xE866 family includes broadly carrier certified and regional regulatory compliant 2G, 3G and LTE Cat 1 modules.

Ronen Ben-Hamou, Telit Executive Vice President of Products and Solutions says, “The launch of this module is an important achievement for us. It is the result of significant R&D not only to fit the electronics but also to make the RF in the dual-band 3G and 2G modems perform to traditional Telit standards, in a module barely bigger than one of the keys on your laptop keyboard”. “New technology and strategies we developed here will enable us to keep bringing extraordinary breakthroughs in module miniaturization as we reaffirm our commitment to innovation leadership in the IoT”.

The UE866-EU is a dual-mode, dual-band UMTS|HSPA, GSM|GPRS, 3GPP Release 7 compliant module. It supports 3G 900/2100MHz and 2G 900/1800MHz bands, delivering 7.2Mbps downlink and 5.76 uplink data rates.

Telit AppZone application development environment assimilating digital voice supports accesses new module supporting application development inside module. The new module is ideal for new and upgrade designs that are exceptionally for redesign projects aiming at reducing cost material bills and/or device dimensions.

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