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  Date: 18/09/2016

A narrowband wireless module for long distance IIoT

Cambium Networks, introduced a narrowband radio module for highly reliable and secure transmissions across long distances that are essential for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The model named cnReach is particularly designed for oil and gas, electric and water utilities, rail, transportation and mining applications. The module is designed to connect sensors on the end of the network to cloud-based or private data centers.

Cambium offers Point-to-Point (PTP) backhaul , Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) access and WiFi reliable wireless connections covering a distance range of 2 meters to 245 kilometers in single hop. Company claims that there products are reasonably priced.

Mike Mitchell , President, Petro Communications says, "The narrowband connectivity of cnReach extends the communications infrastructure and backhaul, so we now have the capability and visibility to manage the entire IIoT network end-to-end"."We require completely dependable connections to process sensor data and send control commands to the most remote locations in the field".

Atul Bhatnagar , President and CEO of Cambium Networks says, "To implement real-time visibility and control of complex operations, industry leaders need applications that can properly aggregate and distill data from the edge of the network, provide analysis and control, and then transport accumulated large volume of processed information to private and cloud-based data centers". "We offer a complete solution with the cn Reach platform to transport data from the node to the NOC, and cn Maestro ™ manages the entire network in a single pane of glass."

The cn Reach N500 radio supports licensed and unlicensed operations in the 900 MHz and 700 MHz frequencies with additional RF bands supported in the coming months including solutions in the 100, 200 and 400 MHz frequency ranges . It eases the transformation from serial networks to all-IP networks with large scale built-in I/O capabilities such as LINKPlanner, a planning tool with no-charge allows network design engineers to anticipate both capacity and availability of networks covering Cambium's technologies.

Bruce Collins , Director of Product Management for cn Reach at Cambium Networks says, " cn Reach enables utilities, petrochemical, and other critical infrastructure operators to unleash the full value of the Industrial Internet by turning accumulated and real-time data into insightful knowledge and critical actions". “cn Reach provides the underlying communications infrastructure that is highly reliable and resilient for interconnecting sensors and controls across a large-scale field area network. This connectivity provides the vital data and control functions needed to meet compliance requirements, improve safety, and boost efficiency". Some of the key features of cnReach include software for monitoring the status of entire networks. Secure communications with AES 128/256-bit encryption with password authentication. Highly reliable communications with access point synchronization and adaptive modulation. Single and dual radio configurations for highly-efficient relay and store-and-forward applications.

Some Key characteristics of the cnMaestro management platform include an open northbound, RESTful API that allows customers to access real-time and historical infrastructure and backhaul statistics from the edge of the field area network to the operation center. These interfaces permit external applications to monitor end-to-end device health, radio efficiency, and network traffic. An alarm reporting Webhooks API that securely feeds asynchronous alarms and periodic statistics into complex event processing and data engines, supporting the integration into corporate network management and notification services. Administration of cnReach locations ensuring full visibility, manageability, and reliability of the network backhaul, ensuring IIoT data and operations are dependable and efficient.

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