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  Date: 18/09/2016

Open source artificial intelligence tool 'Braid' by a start-up

Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up Arya.ai has announced the release of 'Braid', an OpenSource tool to build intelligence quickly into systems. The meta-framework helps researchers to rush the process of building compound Deep Neural Networks. AI is explored as a radical method for building intelligence into systems by the leading software companies world-over.

In the global technological world, companies and start-ups testing to create new inventions through the usage of Artificial Intelligence. They are competing against each other to build neural networks. They are complex and calls for Deep Learning. Arya.ai intervenes to present deep learning tool namely Braid to advance this process by swing and constrains.

The framework of neural networks is not unlike actual human brains with complex layers but is resource-intensive, expensive and time consuming process. They need to exercise meticulously in situations like large scale handling of tasks like speech and language processing, image processing, intelligent virtual assistants and even self-driving cars.

Braid is a free and open space artificial intelligence tool. Braid offers advantages such as flexibility, customisability, modularity, and a meta-framework that works with operating systems for Deep Learning when compared with several developer platforms and tools that prevail to develop neural networks, claims by Arya.ai. The emergence of the requirement of handling many data points at large volume by networks for utilization by Braid is simple and mountable.

Vinay Kumar Sankarapu, CEO and founder of Arya.ai says, for AI to understand, says, “Medical radiology reports, a neural network with millions of neurones trained and defined into the architecture would be needed to learn the task”. “Currently, developing applications on these frameworks needs substantial resource investments in terms of specialized skills and long cycle times,” says Vinay Kumar Sankarapu who has been a great proponent of the use of artificial intelligence for everyday tasks, "but now, with Braid, it is easy to start up development immediately and deploy the tool."

The purpose of designing Braid is for rapid development and to support arbitrary network designs. It makes way for quick experimentation without having to worry about the boilerplate components of the code. Developers can not only customize but also add to existing neural layers while maintaining the simplicity of code with Braid.

Vinay Sankarapu says, “Open sourcing key tools in AI, will help discover newer, interesting and more impactful use cases and applications for AI that we may not have even thought of”. His mission is to spread the wide use of Artificial Intelligence into products so as to reach consumers quickly.

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