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  Date: 11/09/2016

Fujitsu develops low power consumption tech for 5G

Fujitsu Laboratories built a prototype wireless unit incorporating inter-subarray coding technology. It helps to achieve high-speed transmissions for 5G mobile wireless base stations and access points in excess of 10 Gbps but consuming less power. In verification tests, the prototype successfully transmitted signals simultaneously to multiple devices. It has achieved these high speeds whilst maintaining low power consumption levels on par with Wi-Fi.

Communication engineers are trying to implement 5G ultra high-speed communications by 2020 where the technology of millimeter waveband and multiple antenna elements is explored to simultaneously transmit signals as beams to each individual device. Currently, hybrid beam forming is being developed which could reduce the number of circuits, which consume a lot of power, by controlling both digital and analog circuits.

However, this method has issues as interference occurs when sending signals to multiple devices, leading to reduced transmission rates. Fujitsu Laboratories has verified the effectiveness of this newly developed technology that can reduce this interference. It limits the reduction in transmission speed while still achieving low power consumption.

Keeping in mind the technological prospectus, users communicate at high rates simultaneously and with stability in an area with a high concentration of other users.

The visitors will be able to get more information from the announcements made on September 4-7 at the International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC2016) that is being held in Valencia, Spain,

Wireless data communications traffic volume has been almost doubling every year with the usage of smart devices. By 2020, it will be 1,000 times greater than in 2010 by the prediction. Transmission speeds in excess of 10 Gbps has been ongoing around the world by the use of 5G mobile wireless communications technology. It is achieved through research.

By reducing the area radius covered by mobile phone base stations and Wi-Fi access points boost increased transmissions capacity. wide bandwidth in a given area transmit through the increased number of devices.
Millimeter waves are used in High-speed communications. One can rely on mobile phone base stations and Wi-Fi access points installed at distances between a few dozen meters and a few hundred meters apart. It utilizes several gigahertz of bandwidth. The power consumption of wireless systems is extremely important and is reduced by using larger number of wireless systems.

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