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  Date: 11/09/2016

Less than sugar grain sized LDO delivers 200 mA

Less than sugar grain sized LDO is unveiled by ST Microelectronics measuring only 0.47mm x 0.47mm x 0.2mm. This power IC targets applications such as wearable and portable devices and also for flexible electronics such as smart cards supporting multi-functions. The device is packages in a bumpless Chip-Scale Package.

The LDBL20s bumpless STSTAMP package breaks through the minimum I/O-area and height limitation imposed by the diameter of traditional flip-chip solder bumps, enabling unprecedentedly small footprints and low mounted heights. The LDBL20 extends STs family of compact LDOs, which includes devices from 2mm x 2mm DFN to a 0.69mm x 0.69mm CSP with 300mA output.

ST claims the new LDBL20 is an outstanding performer with 200mA output delivers performance as good as the larger LDOs from other vendors. LDBL20 can work with input voltage range from 1.5V to 5.5V, with 200mV typical dropout. Rejection (PSRR) of 80dB at 100Hz and 50dB at 100kHz simplifies filtering over a wide frequency range to provide a stable rail for low-power circuitry in battery-operated applications. Quiescent current of 20A no-load, 100A full-load, and 0.3A in standby help maximize efficiency under all operating conditions.

ST can supply the device as per your required output voltage specs, from 0.8V up to 5.0V in 50mV increments. Power supply engineers can utilize built-in features of the LDBL20 such as logic-controlled electronic shutdown, internal soft-start, and support for active output-voltage discharge if required.

ST also offers an evaluation board for the LDBL20, STEVAL-ISB034V1 to help design-in to a wide range of products such as fitness and blood-pressure monitors, glucose meters, hearing aids, wearable sensors, smart headphones, portable audio devices, smart plugs, smart watches, and smartcards.

LDBL20 is already in production and is priced starting from $0.25 for orders of 1,000 pieces.

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