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  Date: 11/09/2016

Mass produced LED exceeding standard brightness

Seoul Semiconductor unveils (Wafer Level Integrated Chip) WICOP- the world’s first mass produced LED product that exceeds standard brightness.

Seoul Semiconductor is the company that developed WICOP, a product that comprises of a LED chip and phosphor. It is a product with a luminous efficiency of 210 lm/W(350mA). WICOP is a new LED concept which does not require investment in packaging equipment and parts. It is 4 times brighter than the present LED lamps sold in the market. Its known fact that LED is used popularly for lighting for its higher efficiency and longer life rather than the CFT lamps, which has low luminous efficiency, less lasting and also non environment friendly.

The new WICOP product (Y22) was launched recently and is different from the conventional idea. The product, if simply structured as it is built with a chip and phosphor so as to enhance luminous efficiency. The product was completed based on Seoul Semiconductor’s independent LED chip manufacturing technology and other related technologies. Basically, it has achieved higher luminous efficiency than packed conventional high power LED products. It has signified an excellent performance in technology by its luminous efficiency. It is better than the CSP (Chip Scale Package). It is similar in appearance but with more luminous efficiency of 17%.

Seoul Semiconductor has supplied WICOP to both IT and automobile manufacturers since 2012. In 2015, it launched two more models of WICOP lighting products. It has begun to produce quantitatively WICOP with a 210 lm/W luminous efficiency for the first time in the world, claims Seoul Semiconductor.

The importance of high powered LEDs such as WICOP has rapidly increased in the LED market recently. It is thriving hard to meet its expectation.

Strategies Unlimited, a market survey company has shown in 2015 that the importance of high power LED products with higher luminous efficiency such as WICOP would take up 20% of the total LED market. It is the US Department of Energy’s goal for 2020A.D. By 2020 A.D., it is expected to reach more than 30%. The demand is estimated to reach quite number of users in the coming years.

“The WICOP products which have been independently developed by Seoul Semiconductor would render the currently increasing investment in the packaging industry unnecessary, and will become the standard for next generation LEDs as it is an innovative product that reflects a new wind of change in the LED market”. He added, “We will continue to develop various solutions related to WICOP for customers in addition to developing new WICOP products with a luminous efficiency of over 220lm/W by 2020, thereby opening the door to a new LED period” said, Ki-bum Nam, CTO of Seoul Semiconductor.

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