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New Products

  Date: 11/09/2016

IOT Kit enables embedded boards with instant cellular IoT connectivity to cloud

Telit released built-in cellular connectivity enabled IOT Development Kit with cloud connectivity to its own IoT Portal.

Telit claims this kit can reduce IoT solution prototyping from weeks to hours. It is used not only to develop standalone IoT prototypes and also interfaced boards which are dependent on other processing platforms such as popular electronic hobbyists/maker community preferred boards.

Telit offers its own cloud based IoT Portal allowing IoT embedded system designers to connect and manage the kit and makes it easy to securely extract and consume data by using built-in dashboards, designing web-based and mobile apps, and integrating with enterprise systems for big data analytics.

Electronics design engineers can plug-in a embedded microcontroller board to the Telit Rapid IoT Development Kit for virtually instant cellular connectivity and integration with a cloud-based IoT platform to collect manage and analyze your data.

The Rapid IoT Development Kit operates not only in standalone mode but also in interface mode. In terms of standalone device, it operates solely with the unique on-board processing power of the Telit xe910 module based upon the AppZone C development and runtime environment. There is a variety of sensors already on the board including accelerometer, temperature and LED indicators. While in interface mode, the on-board headers enable quick plug and play stacked integration with the most popular open Maker platforms such as Raspberry Pi, TI LaunchPad, and Arduino – all free of connecting cables.

John Keever, CTO Telit IoT Platforms said, “Our new Rapid IoT Development Kit redefines IoT prototyping, allowing development engineers, system integrators and the Maker community to conceive end-to-end solutions – from sensor to app, using a complete, pre-integrated set of hardware, cellular connectivity and Cloud-services,”. “All of the necessary resources and tools are there and our goal is to have users connected and active within minutes.”

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