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  Date: 04/09/2016

IIoT reference design helps in designing secure sensor to cloud data chains

Core issues related to system security in Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) needs to be resolved in the installation process. To make your IIoT design secure, MAXIM has made available a new reference design called MAXREFDES143. It provides security against fake sensor data throughout the data chain from transducer to the cloud.

The main concern is about the data integrity in industrial applications where IoT usage is growing trend. One has to ensure legitimacy of the critical sensor data because of deliberate hacking to data lines.

The reference design’s two-stage hierarchical architecture consists of a shield that communicates to a web server and a protected sensor node for data acquisition and authentication. Along with embedded libraries supports developments related to Arduino – compatible hardware interface and ARM. It is good for solutions involving sensor node and data authentication in various industrial processing applications.

The reference design has two stages to communicate with the structure one is the web server and the other is the protected sensor node. It consists a hack proofed system including Wi-Fi module, DS2465 secure processor for loading off SHA-256 computation of cryptography. The purpose is for data acquisition and authentication. It comes up with features and functions such as 1- Wire and I2C interfaces, user-interface LCD, LEDs, with pushbuttons, alarm and logging functions. Sensor node contains DS28E15 that is a secure authenticator while DS7505 temperature sensor and MAX 44009 is a light sensor.

It is less time consuming to bring the product to the market because the solution is offered with hardware and source code. Free evaluation web server save time in implementing real-time data collection and storage of sensor data. It is secure due to SHA -256 coprocessor that loads off data authentication task. It protects node authentication key as it is different.

Michael Horne, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, IoT Business says “ The MAXREFDES143# simplifies testing with ARM mbed-compatible development boards, allowing designers to rapidly develop resilient industrial IoT platforms."

IoT embedded security reference design of MAXREFDES143# is available for $75 at Maxim's website. Hardware and firmware design files are free and are available online.

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