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  Date: 29/08/2016

65 Inch 4K multi touch display with ultrafine metal mesh design for signage

3M has launched a 65- Inch 4000 Multi- Touch Projected Capacity Display. Multi – Touch PCAP Display comes up with Ultrafine Metal Mesh Design whose Multi –Touch usage is like none other than a Smartphone. It is beneficial in commercial applications of large screen displays. It is especially designed with quality touch that is the key factor in its function. In continuation to the successful launch of 55 Inch Projected Capacitive Multi –Touch Screens in India, the enhanced 65-Inch Multi Touch Projected Capacitive (PCAP) system with Ultrafine metal Mesh Design is now made available to Indian customers. It comes up with new features like that of ideal Smartphone. It is useful for various commercial purposes. One usage would be, the continuous use of the screen in a variety of public contexts such as the signage, retail, museums and any other digital signage applications. The special feature is the use of ultrafine metal mesh conductor with optical performance of the display maintained high.

3M's 65 Inch multi Touch Projected Capacitive (PCAP) system can be designed with its own Multi-Touch Controller PX5000 to get high touch performances.

R Vijay Kumar, the Business leader of Electronics and Energy Business Group 3M India has described the product details: It is made up with thick glass surface and superior Ultrafine Metal Mesh conductor and it challenges other products in terms of design and optical sensitivity. It features 80 simultaneous touches such as 4K, compatibility, elbow and palm rejection technology and others along with a warranty of 3 years.

Some of the important features of 3M Multi-Touch PCAP 65-inch Touch Screen Systems include display resolution with a compatibility of 4K Ultra – High Definition. It is compatible with crisp display image. The product is Bezel – free as the display can be extended to the maximum end for better view ability. The glass is durable in all ways for safety and usage. Anti –glare benefits user in bright atmospheres. It makes way for display related to landscape, portraits, tabletop and various tilt angles. It supports global and local products. Operating system support includes Microsoft Windows , Linux and Mac OS. With a warranty of 3 years, Multi – Touch PCAP 65 – inch system with Ultra fine Metal Mesh Design is available in later September 2016.
Below are pictures of panel provided by 3M:

Smart TV LCD panel

Smart TV LCD panel

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