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Sensors for measuring heart pulse rate and blood oxygen in wearables

Date: 13/08/2016
Japan based New JRC launched two new sensors NJL5311R and NJL5513R in the reflective optoelectronic sensor series for use in the design and development of wearable devices. New JRC says these sensors will further improve the matching with Analog Front End (AFE) IC in wearable device solutions with biomonitoring function such as measuring heart pulse/beat rate and SpO2 (blood oxygen levels).

NJL5311R is used for measuring cardiac/heart pulse rate. NJL5513R is used for measuring SpO2 ( peripheral capillary oxygen saturation). NJL5513R is a SMD type reflective optoelectronic sensor that integrates two high brightness green LEDs, one red LED and one infrared LED, 3 kinds of light emitting devices and high sensitive Si-PIN photodiode of light receiving device in one package.

NJL5311R and NJL5513R uses reflective type and the previous optoelectronic sensors that make wearable devices more easily measure biomonitoring signal. NJL5311R sensor embeds optical filter that can reduce the environmental light interference in the light receiving device.

NJL5311R is a standard sensor for overseas chipset vendors.

NJL5513R is a recommended sensor that is compatible with ApP Lite™(Application Processor Lite) TZ1000 Series, a wearable terminal processor with Bluetooth from TOSHIBA.

Applications: Smart Band, Smart Bracelet and Smart Watch etc.
Various Wearable Equipment

Avaialability: NJL5311R/NJL5513R have been in mass production from June 2016.