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STM32 MCU kit for connecting to Amazon cloud

Date: 11/06/2017
The new cloud connection supporting STM32L4 IoT Discovery kit(B-L475E-IOT01A)from STMicroelectronics supports multiple low-power wireless standards and Wi-Fi. The new IoT development kit adds modules for Bluetooth low energy (BLE), sub-GHz RF and Wi-Fi, with a dynamic NFC-tag IC with printed antenna to a high-performance, ultra-low power STM32L4 microcontroller all on the same board.

The kit integrates motion, gesture, and environmental sensors such as MEMS accelerometer gyroscope IC, MEMS magnetometer for 9-axis motion sensing, a barometric pressure sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, two omni directional digital microphones, and FlightSense' proximity and gesture sensor.

The Discovery kit helps users to quickly connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT platform by using ST's X-CUBE-AWS expansion software and access tools and services in the Cloud, such as device monitoring and control, data analysis, and machine learning. ST says it will add support for other Cloud providers in future.

The kit is powered by 80MHz STM32L475 32-bit microcontroller which uses ARM Cortex-M4 core featuring DSP extensions, 1MB on-chip Flash. The additional custom functionality can be added using the industry-standard Arduino and Pmod expansion connectors.

The STM32L4 IoT Discovery kit is ready to order now from st.com or distributors, at a recommended price of $53.00. For further information visit www.st.com/disco-l475e-iot

In another announcement, STMicroelectronics has said it has started volume production of ultra low power STM32L45x microcontroller chips. The STM32L451, STM32L452, and STM32L462 lines integrate a Digital Filter for Sigma-Delta Modulators (DFSDM) to support advanced audio features such as noise cancellation or sound localization on an inexpensive microcontroller. These MCUs offer up to 512 Kbyte on-chip Flash memory and 160 Kbyte SRAM.

The True Random-Number Generator (TRNG) and AES-256 cryptographic hardware accelerator features offers enhanced security. For further information visit www.st.com/stm32l452