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New Products

  Date: 01/06/2016

Large Current "Power Choke Coil" for automotive ECUs

Panasonic developed 12mm square size surface mount high current (20A-50A) "Power Choke Coil" designed for power supply circuits of automotive electronics such as ECUs (Electronic Control Units) used in hybrid, electric, as well as Petrol/diesel cars/vehicles.

The new product enables direct mounting on automotive engine ECUs and electromechanical integration which are required instead of mounting in the engine room. So this requires chokes/coils with high current capacity and also high-temperature withstanding and vibration withstanding.

choke coil

Choke coils are used and mounted in ECU power supply circuits for the purpose of noise removal. To meet these market requirements, Panasonic says it has commercialized "automotive use Power Choke Coil" which realized large current in compact size, excellent heat resistance and vibration resistance.

Below are the features of this product as shared by Panasonic in its release:
Large current in compact size as 12mm square SMD type, enabling direct mounting on ECU engines and space saving of power supply circuits.
- Dimensions (WxLxH) (mm): 12.6 12.8 8.0
50% reduction in volume compared with Panasonic's conventional products*
- Current value: achieved 20A-50A in SMD type
Panasonic conventional products* below 20A
* Lead type choke coil (ELC18E-L type)
Excellent heat resistance and vibration resistance in compact size, enabling direct mounting on ECU engines.
- Heat resistance : 160? / 2000h in SMD type
- Vibration-resistance : 5Hz~2kHz/30G
SMD type enables automatic mounting on PCBs, contributing to customer's process cost down.

Suitable applications: DC/DC converter circuits, high function ECU power supply circuits, electromechanical integration ECU circuits of HEV, EV, gasoline-powered vehicles.

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